Peter and Nacho Work from Home

Nacho and Dragon

Dear Will:

Thanks to COVID-19, I’ve been working from home now since the first week in March. I share my remote “office” with wife, my son, and Nacho, our mongrel pup (who has been working from home pretty much since we adopted him in December).

I brought you a Thing.

As I have adapted to this new way of doing business, I have tried to pick up some best practices from anyone with recent work-from-home (WFH) expertise.

I can make the Thing squeak. [Squeaker-squeaker-squeak . . . SQUEEEEAK!] I can do this over and over and over and over and over. And over. [SQUEEEEAK!] Perhaps you have heard.

With these simple techniques you too can maximize both productivity and well-being while under quarantine. Based on my observations, I’ve come up with the following 11 WFH Tips and Tricks.

I chewed the Thing A LOT.  My slobber makes it slimy. (So slimy.) And look! NOW your bare foot has noticed that I brought you a Thing!

  1. Don’t be discouraged by early failure. Keep trying different approaches until you achieve success.

I brought back the Thing. You and I will now play the game where you keep throwing it away and I keep bringing it back. For about an hour.

  1. Stay active. Physical activity is good for both heart and mind.

[PANT PANT PANT] I am still worried about the Thing. I will torment it with my powerful head-shaking submission move. It is terrified by my jangling collar! Fear the Fangs of Death, Thing!

  1. Sometimes it helps to step away from difficult problems. Return to them later when you can attack them with renewed vigor.

I have made you safe from the Thing. I brought you the Thing again so that you can see that you are safe from the Thing.

  1. Take time to share your successes with others. Don’t let isolation rob you of a well-earned celebration.

I placed the Thing on your keyboard so that you can see that I have made you safe from the Thing. Now you must try to extract it from the Fangs of Death. For another hour.

  1. Look for assignments you can really sink your teeth into. With the right attitude, just about any assignment can be fun.

[PANT PANT PANT] I could really use a nap. This nook by your chair where you usually put your feet looks like the best spot.

  1. Take an occasional break from whatever it is you’re working on. Choose a favorite place where you can let go of the tensions of the day.

I see that you have stepped over me to use the bathroom. I shall interrupt my nap to supervise. Good job!

  1. Make sure others feel supported in their work. And of course give praise where praise is due.

I have found another Thing! [Squeaker-squeaker-SQUEEEEAK!]

  1. Don’t hesitate to take on new assignments. Variety is its own reward.

I must disembowel this other Thing. I simply must. I shall lie down on your foot so that you can observe my surgical prowess. Look how much stuffing I am pulling from the body of this other Thing!

  1. Conquer difficult challenges with tenacity. Persistence pays off every time.

I placed my front paws on your laptop to let you know that it is now time for you to rub me the way that I like. And take me for a walk.

  1. Follow your impulses. When you have an itch, scratch it. Who knows where it might lead?

[PANT PANT PANT] I shall now chew on my stick which you say is gross and disgusting whenever you accidentally step on it.

  1. When you love your work, others will notice. Even if they do not fully understand it.

I brought you a Thing. . . .


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